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a) Email 1:
In principle, it must be ensured that all our products are travel health insurance. This means they are valid for foreigners in Germany or for Germans abroad. Furthermore, it is important to know that students under 30 years of age in Germany must either insure themselves by means of a statutory health insurance or have to be released from the obligation to insure themselves in order to be able to be insured privately. Students over 30 years or PhD students do not need such exemption and can insure themselves directly with us. Further information can also be found in the following link: https://ift.tt/3adSjyT.

We do not have an insurance card. The customer receives with the contract documents a treatment certificate which replaces the insurance card. Since it is a private health insurance the student receives the invoice himself after a medical treatment. He then has the possibility to pay the invoice first or he sends the unpaid invoice to the insurer, receives the refund and then pays the doctor. Invoices can be submitted here not only by post, but also by e-mail or via our website.

Persons in Germany can be insured for up to 5 years through travel health insurance. For our MAWISTA Student product you can be insured for 48 months in a contract and then conclude a new contract for another 12 months in another tariff. There are 3 tariffs in the product MAWISTA Student, which are available: MAWISTA Student Classic, Student Classic Plus and Student Comfort.
In the MAWISTA Science product, a contract can be concluded for up to 60 months. This product is also suitable for students. You can compare the rates here: https://ift.tt/2wVomFv
b) Email 2:
Please note that it is dependent on the physician, whether it is issuing an invoice with a due date or the payment in advance. As a rule, however, the invoice is paid directly on the spot. For hospital admission, the insurer must be contacted by the emergency number +49 (0) 89 6 24 24 – 496, so that the payment can be settled directly with the hospital. In the event of an appointment agreement, the medical helpers can be enlightened about the situation and ask how the payment is carried out in practice. Regarding point 4, the following explanation is given: The reimbursement is always made directly to the customer. This means that as soon as the invoice is available (whether paid or unpaid does not matter), this is submitted to the insurer. After checking you will be refunded within 2 weeks to your own account. If the invoice has not been paid to the doctor in advance, payment must be made to the physician at the latest after receipt of the reimbursement.
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