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When it comes to protecting the important people in your life, getting the right type of insurance and the right amount of coverage are important. If you have a mortgage or are raising a family, term life insurance may be a good fit for your needs.

Unlike permanent or whole life insurance, term insurance covers a specific time frame, usually 20 years or less. When the term is up, or you stop paying the premium, the coverage ends.

The death benefit typically passes to your beneficiaries free of federal income taxes and can be used to replace the income you would have earned, help ensure your children’s educational expenses are covered or help maintain your family’s standard of living.

It’s typically the most affordable coverage. Premiums are based on your age and health. So the younger and healthier you are, the lower your premiums can be.

To get an idea of how much coverage you need use our life insurance calculator or L-I-F-E to calculate your:
L – Liabilities – mortgage, car loans, credit cards
I – Income needs for your family to cover ongoing living expenses, savings and an emergency fund
F – Final expenses
E – Education expenses for your children

Life insurance calculator: https://ift.tt/2Y6Pflm

An Edward Jones financial advisor can also help you figure out how much and what type of life insurance you need and provide you an insurance quote. To find a financial advisor, or for more information on life insurance and other financial questions, locate a financial advisor near you: https://ift.tt/2yMOsvi

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Important Information: Edward Jones is a licensed insurance producer in all states and Washington, D.C. through Edward D. Jones & Co., L.P. and in California, New Mexico, and Massachusetts through Edward Jones Insurance Agency of California, L.L.C., Edward Jones Insurance Agency of New Mexico, L.L.C., and Edward Jones Insurance Agency of Massachusetts, L.L.C.

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