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#1 – the best medical card or medical insurance will not limit the amount of medical bill incurred in a year to a low 6 figures. For example, 100k of annual limit is considered low nowadays. You want a medical card/insurance that covers for for hospitalization & surgical procedures of close to 1 million in a year or more, basically, 7 figures range is very common among the best medical insurance products nowadays in Malaysia. This is to keep up and cover for potential skyrocketing medical inflation many years down the road

#2 – the best medical card/insurance in Malaysia will not limit the type of treatment options you can undergo in a private hospital. For example, if a doctor recommend you undergo medical procedure A instead of medical treatment B, your medical card should cover you fully for for what’s recommended the specialist. Some medical card will argue that if you want to go for medical procedure A, then they don’t cover you, and only cover you for medical treatment B, against doctor recommendation. You definitely want to avoid this type of medical card.

#3 – the best medical card/insurance in Malaysia will not REFUSE to renew your medical insurance policy or in other words, refuse to cover you with the same premium and term & conditions, AFTER you are hit by any long term illness or medical conditions. Heck, the best medical card will not impose any loading or exclusion on you after you are hit by a serious illness. In other words, the best medical card will still cover you at the same premium cost and terms of coverage even if you are hit by a serious or long term medical conditions.

#4. – the best medical card/insurance in Malaysia will NOT penalize you for upgrading your room & board rate as stated in your medical insurance policy. Sometimes, the room & board rate you are eligible for in your insurance policy – well – that type of room is no longer available at the time when you admit to the hospital. So you usually have no choice but to upgrade your room & board rate, then you pay the difference, that’s fine but some medical card will further penalize you by stating you need to pay a % of the total medical bill. This extra expenses could come as a surprise to you if you don’t know what you don’t know, regardless whether you upgrade your room & board rate voluntarily or involuntarily. In other words, the best medical card by Malaysian insurers will not penalize you for upgrading room & board rate.

#5. The best medical card/insurance in Malaysia will NOT have clause in the medical insurance policy contract where it mandates you to share a certain % of the medical bill with the insurer if you are admitted to a hospital, even if you don’t upgrade your R&B. Again, if you don’t know this, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

#6. The best medical card/insurance will not limit your options of medical treatment to Malaysia. Commonly, due to lack of medical expertise or equipment in Malaysia for certain rare medical conditions, you will be referred overseas, say, hospitals in Singapore. When that happens, the best medical card will still cover your medical bills. In fact, the best medical card even allows you to voluntarily seek treatment in Singapore without referral, with the right justifications. The best medical card indeed provides your with flexibility to do this at the times when you need it the most.

#7. The best medical card in Malaysia will NOT increase in price aka premium every 5 years of age. In fact, the best medical card will NOT increase in the premium you are paying for the next 30-40 years and could possibly sustain you until the end of life

8. The best medical card will not frequently remove private hospitals in Malaysia from its panel list. When a hospital is ejected from a medical card panel list, you are at the mercy of the insurer should you seek medical treatment at that hospital because you need to settle your medical bill fully upon discharge, and then only reimburse from the insurer. The insurer may not reimburse you in full. The best medical card will not do this to you.

9. The best medical card in Malaysia will come with an affordable and reasonable annual premium for your age, compared to others. We should not overpay for a medical card or any insurance for that matter. Therefore it is important to compare your options by doing apple-to-apple comparison and pick the ones that make most sense for your pocket with the coverage you think is sufficient for you.

10. Last but not least, the best medical card in Malaysia will NOT dispute your medical claims unnecessarily. That being said, you should always declare truthfully during application, your pre-existing medical conditions,if any, and any symptoms that may point to a potential medical condition, whenever applicable. That way, you prevent future claim troubles.

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