Rich don't bother about critical Illness insurance, is it true ?

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How are you planning to pay if your health insurance policy is not going to cover the cause of severe illness?

This friend of mine who’s came from well to do family and he never felt that Health Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance is something any way important to them. For them, a million dollar is no big deal. They can do that. Or for a layman, it does matter. But for the fact, even this million dollar guy had told me, ‘’Leena, if this money was coming to us from insurance, we wouldn’t deny for that? His wife has got a severe cancer, a rare condition cancer actually. They have spent in just lastly one and half year nearly $2 million travelling around the world, to get the treatment.

Yes, it’s not a small money. When it happens to your loved ones, you go to any extent to save them out. Health insurance matters. Critical illness matters. How seriously you’ll take it? It’s up to you.

Time has come to rethink what you have been ignoring so far. It’s up to you, your life, and your loved ones’ life. That you want to consider it seriously or you want to let go.

We all think nothing happens to us, but is it harmful to be prepared? You decide.

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