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Hi, guys! We’re having part 2 of our Insurance 101 today, and here we’re answering your most asked questions about life insurance! 💕 Video is quite long so you may refer to the time stamps below for easy reference ☺

🌻 Timestamps:
00:44 – How important is life insurance vs other assets / investments?
03:59 – When is the best time to get a life insurance?
05:43 – Starting what age is medical examination required?
06:59 – When can I say that I can afford a life insurance?
09:03 – My employer already provides group life insurance. Do I still need to get an individual life insurance?
10:07 – How do I choose the right financial advisor?
12:12 – What should be prioritized — life or health insurance?
14:53 – Can OFWs avail life insurance in the Philippines? What if accident happens out of the country, will my family be able to claim the benefits?
16:17 – What are your recommended riders for individuals in different situations?
18:50 – Are the leading causes of death in the Philippines covered by life insurance?
20:01 – I’m afraid that my poor health history/background and bad habits may affect my insurance premium. What will happen if I don’t disclose them?
21:24 – Common misconceptions about life insurance

Advisor Match: https://bit.ly/sunlifeadvisormatch
Money for Life Planner: https://bit.ly/moneyforlifeplanner
Life Insurance Calculator: https://bit.ly/sunlifeinsurancecalculator
Investment Calculator: https://bit.ly/sunlifeinvestmentcalculator
Inflation Calculator: https://bit.ly/sunlifeinflationcalculator
Health and Wellness Planner: https://bit.ly/healthinsuranceplanner

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