SBI Life – eShield term insurance in hindi 2020 after lockdown

SBI Life eShield || एसबीआई लाइफ – स्मार्ट शील्‍ड|| 2019||
Individual, Non Linked, Non-Participating online Pure term plan

Shift the load of securing your family’s future from your shoulders to your fingertips. SBI Life – eShield now gives you the advantage of an easy and seamless online process of obtaining a life insurance.

For those seeking financial protection for their family, SBI Life – eShield offers a range of benefits at an affordable premium.

This online pure term plan provides –
Security – to ensure your family is financially protected
Flexibility – Choose between two benefit structures and two rider options
Simplicity – with an easy online process
Affordability – through reasonable premiums
Reliability- with Medical Second Opinion

Get insured with just a few clicks and give your family the gift of security!

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