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Thailand Health Insurance Including a FREE Contact for you to Use

Follow my journey searching for the right Health Insurance here in Thailand, First the Hospitals, then the Brokers and finally an online company based in Bangkok with English speaking Experts to help me understand everything, In this video you will hear from an expert who offers you free advice including his contact details.

Health Insurance In Thailand Our Video – http://bit.ly/thailand-health-insurance

Email:- landofsmiles@th.pacificcrosshealth.com

Send an email to the above link and Jamie or one of the team will get back to you with their contact details.

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Below is 2 links to our new website and new Youtube channel, which we will be putting reviews and different videos on in the future.
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cheers have a great day. Talk soon, Mem and Simon.

Postal Address:-
Mr. Simon
5/3 moo 5
Khao Yoi
or in Thai
5/3 หมู่5ต.หนองชุมพล อ.เข้าย้อย. จ. เพชรบุรี 76140

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