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Rs 50,00,000 ka insurance sirf Rs 12/- per day
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What are Term Insurance Plans?

Term Insurance or Pure Protection Plans are the most basic form of life insurance plans. They enable you to secure your family financially, by offering a high life insurance cover amount for a relatively low premium payment. You can pay these premiums regularly, or at one go, depending on the life insurance policy you choose.

These insurance plans let you keep your family secure and financially independent, in your absence. If you are the Life Assured, you pay a specific premium amount at fixed intervals during your policy. In the eventuality of death during the policy tenure, your family gets a pre-decided amount, called ‘Sum Assured’ as per the provisions of your protection plan.

6 Reasons to buy a Term Insurance Plan

High Life Insurance Amount:

Term insurance plans provide a high life insurance amount. For example, if your annual income is 10 lakh, then you can take a Life Cover of up to 1 crore.
Affordable Premiums:

With Term Insurance plans, a large amount of Life Cover comes at a small premium. For instance, you can get a Life Cover of 1 crore at a premium of just 17 per day^.
Tax Benefits:

Term Insurance plans offer tax benefits** on premiums paid up to 1.5 lakh under Section 80C. New-age Term plans with critical illness cover also offer additional tax benefits on premiums paid up to 25,000 under Section 80D. You also get tax benefits** under Section 10(10D) on the money that your family receives in case of an unfortunate event.
Cover Against Critical Illnesses:

Besides protecting your family in your absence, new-age Term Insurance plans like iProtect Smart also provide cover against critical illnesses. By paying a small amount of additional premium, you can get a lump sum pay-out on first diagnosis of a critical illness like heart attack, cancer, kidney failure, etc.
Support In Case Of Disability:

In new-age Term Insurance plans such as iProtect Smart, the insurance company pays your future premiums in case of total and permanent disability*. This ensures that the protection of the Life Cover continues, even when you are unable to pay the premiums.
Double Security:

To increase the security of your family, a Term Insurance Plan provides double pay-out (up to 2 crore) in case of an accidental death. For example, if your Life Cover is 1 crore, a Term Insurance plan with Accident Cover pays 2 crore to your family in case of an accidental death.*

How much Life Cover do I need?

You can get a simple, quick and clear answer to this question by calculating your Human Life Value or HLV. HLV is an easy-to-use numeric method of calculating the amount of Life Cover that you may need.
The basic thumb rule that can be used to find out your HLV is as follows:

Age In Year Income Multiple

18-35 25 times of your annual income

36-45 20 times of your annual income

46-50 15 times of your annual income

51-60 10 times of your annual income

Why You Must Buy a Term Insurance Plan in your 30s?

An average Indian in his 30s achieves financial stability, owns a decent car and most of the times has already invested in a home. Marriage looks around the corner and so do kids. Everything looks in perfect state, but unexpected events can come calling anytime. Therefore, if you are investing already in PPF, Mutual Funds, SIPs and other investment instruments, do not forget to get a term insurance too.

The biggest differentiator is that a Term Insurance covers you for an unfortunate loss of life, giving you 20x cover for your current income at just about 2% premium. What else, this money doesn’t fade away like your car insurance or health insurance, if you don’t make a claim. A good financial corpus piles up with time thereby keeping up with returns on other investment instruments.

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