21 Insurance Companies Analysed – 1 video. UNH stock, Metlife stock, and many more…

UNH, Metlife, Prudential, Unum, Allstate, Chubb, AIG, Anthem, Progressive and many more.
Insurance Part 3 – USA Insurance Companies.

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At the end of the video, I’m going to give you my opinion of the industry, so stay tuned to end.

So a lot of companies to get through today, so this is more of a taste of the US insurance market rather than an extensive deep dive into each company.
I think this will be cool to show you how I find a company before I dive into a full analysis.

Let’s talk about the major negatives of the insurance industry.
Competitive and low barrier to entry.
There are literally hundreds of insurance companies. And moving between life insurance and car insurance isn’t a big jump for a lot of these companies.
Low interest rates are not good for insurance companies.

Here are the major reasons it is a great industry to make money.
Money upfront, paid out later.
Insurance companies separate themselves from others with their ability to use their assets under management to make more money. All of this money comes in every year with the insurance premiums, and the management have the opportunity to invest that money and get a big return, before having to pay out claims to the customer.
Industry Expected growth rate.
This is a big positive. Over 70% of americans don’t have adequate insurance and experts are predicting a nearly 100% growth in the industry over the next 5 years.

Life Insurance
Life insurance makes up about half the insurance market. The other half is property and casual insurance.

So I am now extremely interested in Prudential, Principal Financial, Unum, AEL and MFC. I will do more research before I make an investment into these companies. Mostly to check how they are investing their money. But they are all with low debt, undervalued and previously performing well.

So I actually like a lot of these companies. UNH and Anthem financially are what I want to see but the share price is too high for me.
CVS doesn’t have the growth prospects of the others.
Humana hasn’t been recently performing as good as the others.
Cigna is actually the one I would buy here. ROE isn’t as good as UNH but the price is far better.

So Berkshire Hathaway is obviously good at using their money for investing. They have the best managers in the business with Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. Hence the 20% future growth rate. They have been able to do this for 50 years now. Still probably my favorite company to invest in.
All these companies are actually pretty solid. I think the best deals at the moment is Allstate, Travelers and Hartford.

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