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#ESIC benefits of social security benefits for employees start with their first day on job and some other benefits have conditions to complete certain time period on job.

Medical benefits of family, dependent benefits, Funeral benefits or death benefits will be application on candidate from their first day of joining in the company.

If a candidate having per month salary of less than 21000 Rs. then he/she will be entitled in ESIC scheme. And in this 1.75% is contributed by Employee and 4.75% will be contributed by your employer in the your #ESIC account.
And if candidates average daily wage is less than 70 Rs. then he didn’t have to pay their 1.75% in ESIC and only employer have to pay their contribution.

1. Medical benefits for family: In case of any disease and accidental cover to you and your dependent like your children or wife and
if you are unmarried then your parents are your dependent.

2. Sickness benefits: To get benefits of Sickness benefits, a candidate must complete 78 days consecutive in a company only after that he/she will get Sickness benefits.
In Sickness benefits you will get your free treatment which is already included in Medical benefits but also get 70% of salary in your leave timing and that amount will be given from ESIC not from your employer. Also,
it covers benefits up to 91 days.

3. Extended sickness benefits: In this category of ESIC act 1948, it cover special kind of disease like TB, Code etc. To eligible for Extended sickness benefits you have to complete your two years in a company, 156 working days in four consecutive period.
Then you will get 400 days of extended sickness benefits leave and your free treatment under ESIC benefit act 1948 and along with get your 80% of salary from ESIC.

4. Enhanced sickness benefits: You have to complete 78 consecutive working days then you will get this benefits. You can get 14 days of Enhanced sickness benefits and 70% of your salary.

5. Dependent benefits: If candidate die then your dependent gets pension. Widow get proportionate amount of pension until they married again and if they do not marry then pension will continue to lifetime.
And if having children below 25 years, they will get 2 by 5th of full wage as pension.

6. Maternity benefits: Candidates get all free maternity facility under ESIC benefits act 1948. Also get 26 weeks 100% paid leave.

7. Funeral benefits: Gets 10,000/- Rs. benefits for Funeral expenses.

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