Health Insurance Plans for Family | Mediclaim Policy for Family (In Hindi)

Family Floater health insurance plan is specially designed to cover entire family. With one single health insurance for family, one can secure entire family health insurance needs. It is great to buy health/mediclaim policy for family to cover entire family members.

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In this video Yashish Dahiya, CEO, discussing various benefits of health insurance plans for family.

If you buy a family floater health insurance policy, you can include your spouse, children and dependent parents. The health insurance plans for family can be renewed every year. If your parent is above 45 years age than you should take separate health insurance for your parent.

Below are the things you should consider while buying health insurance plans for family.
1. You should check the health insurance coverage for family you need.
2. It is good if you buy health insurance plans for family members between 28 years and 45
3. Check if there is pre-existing disease in your family member.

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Advantages of a health insurance for Family or Mediclaim insurance for family
* Coverage for the entire family
* The premiums are affordable for family health insurance
* Every covered member gets high coverage in family health plan
* Maternity coverage is allowed under many family health plans
* You can opt for a comprehensive cover
* New members can be easily added under the family health insurance
* You can avail tax benefits under family health insurance

Family Floater Health Insurance Plan: Exclusions

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Family floater health insurance plan doesn’t cover the expenses incurred for:
* Self-inflicted injury, suicide or attempt to suicide
* Accidental injury due to the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants
* Contact lenses
* Hearing Aids
* Dental Treatment
* Cosmetic Procedures
* Naturopathy
* Pregnancy
* Convalescence

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