हमारे घर में संतान नहीं है, ये बोलकर Insurance Policy के लिए मना कर दिया |Sadhna Said| HINDI | BITV

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here below is the price chart of National Mega Show
Before 31st December 2020 – Rs. 1200
1st Jan to 31st Jan 2021 – Rs. 2500
1st Feb to 28th Feb 2021 – Rs. 3000
1st March to 31st March – Rs. 3500
1st April to 30th April – Rs. 400
After 1st May – Rs. 5000
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this agent visited clients place and started talking about insurance policy but client was no at all interested in policy later agent got to know they have their own problem in life,
after listening this what agent did so that customer bought 3 policy from agent
to know this watch this video

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