Best Senior Citizen Health Insurance – All You Need to Know (In Hindi)

Health insurance for senior citizens is important to cover the increasing health and hospital expenses. Medical emergency could happen anytime. As senior citizens are more vulnerable to health related risk at their age, a comprehensive Senior Citizen Health Insurance comes in handy in covering those hospital visits.

In this video of Yashish Dahiya, CEO, share insights on how to choose the best Health Insurance for Senior Citizen, the right entry age for senior citizen health insurance.

Usually health insurers are apathetic to elderly people in terms of offering coverage considering the risk factor. However, with the evolution of health insurance sector, many insurance companies have started offering health insurance for senior citizens, with a maximum upper age. For example, Star Health Red Carpet senior citizen health insurance policy offers coverage for people age between 60-75 years. The policy requires no medical test.

Some Buying Tips for an Affordable Health Plan for senior citizen:

While buying a senior citizen health insurance, one should consider certain things-
* If healthy, take a health check-up as proof of good health
* Compare senior citizen quotes from different providers
* Pick and select rates and discuss the ways to lower risk with the representative
* Consider the co-payment clause and other hidden clauses under the policy
* Compare the policies on the grounds of premium, co-payment or other limitations and
choose the best one

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