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Download Richard’s 20 INSURANCE Interview Questions and Answers: https://ift.tt/2HrrSgp
In this interview tips training video, Richard McMunn teaches you the best way to pass any insurance job interview. This video is suitable for all Insurance jobs, including Insurance Clerk, Insurance Sales Agent, Insurance Broker and Insurance Sales Manager. This video is also suitable for anyone looking to get a job in home insurance, motor or car insurance, health insurance, and property insurance.

Make Sure You Demonstrate The Following Skills & Attributes During Your Insurance Interview

– Create and maintain robust relationships with clients and customers to increase recurring revenue and income;
– Provide outstanding customer service and respond to each individuals’ queries, questions and complaints in a timely manner;
– Assess each customer and client’s insurance needs based on organizational protocol and risk scoring criteria;
– Research the various insurance policies and products that are available for your customers and clients.
– Negotiate insurance policy payment terms for customers and clients and also discuss renewal fees for existing customers and clients;
– Keep and maintain accurate insurance document records.

Q. Tell me about yourself and why you want to work within insurance?

Q. Why have you chosen our insurance company to work for?

Q. What do you expect to be doing on a daily basis within this insurance role?

Q. Are rules meant to be followed rigidly, or is it OK to bend or break them every now and then?

Q. What would you do on the very first day of working for our insurance company?

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Download Richard McMunn’s 20 INSURANCE Interview Questions and Answers: https://ift.tt/2HrrSgp

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