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Individual Non-linked Non-participating Term Assurance with Return of Premium Plan

Are high premiums holding you back from getting that much-needed life insurance coverage?

Now get protection at a nominal cost, with the added benefit of getting your premiums back. With SBI Life – Smart Swadhan Plus, get guaranteed return of premiums and assurance of protecting your family in case of in-force policies.

This plan offers an array of benefits like –
Security – to meet your family’s needs in case of an eventuality
Reliability – through return of basic premiums^
Flexibility –to choose the policy term and premium payment options
Simplicity – through easy application process

Try the benefit illustrator and get peace of mind, knowing that your family and you are covered adequately.
Start building a safer tomorrow by making small investments today.

SMART SWADHAN PLUS,SBI LIFE,UIN: 111N104V01,Product Code: 1Z,स्मार्ट स्वधन प्लस

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