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Bankers Bakheda is a web series based on the banking industry…
Global Perception of banking jobs is still good… But when you entered this world of banking… As per your expectation, you will get your salary but after a few months, you will ask so many questions to yourself. If you are a banker you know what am I talking about.

Directed by:- Mukesh Mishra
Story & Dialogue:- Mukesh Mishra
Screenplay:- Mukesh Mishra & Sadhvi Bhatt
Artist:- Sadhvi Bhatt, Sajjad Khan, Surjeet Singh Rajput, Yuvraj Singh Jatt, Anamika Singh, Durgesh Kumar, Om Meher & others
D.O.P.:- Sarwagya Rock & Rahul Singh Rathod
Editor:- Rahul Singh Rathod
Art & Costumes:- Sadhvi Bhatt
Associate Director:- Sarang Dole
Creative & Post Production Head:- Sadhvi Bhatt
Makeup:- Raju
Production:- Shashank Bajaj & Hemant Runda
Sound Design & Background Music:- Gray Spark

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