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In this B Wealthy video Swati explains what is hidden in term insurance documents and Life insurance in hindi. When you want to buy term plan or you want to buy life insurance you need to correctly choose life insurance or choose term insurance and look at exclusions in term plan documents. Points hidden in term policy, how not to get cheated, what are the hidden clauses, exclusions and addtions in term policy.

Infact you need to know all about life insurance. We are helping you know how to buy term insurance and for that we have term insurance explained and more importantly have life insurance terms explained. When you purchase a term insurance plan you can avail of term insurance riders. Similarly when you buy life insurance you can take life insurance riders. Expenses of critical illness can be taken care of by critical illness insurance but you can critical illness cover which is basically a rider life insurance.

A loss by accidental death can be protected by accident insurance. You can also take disability benefit rider. Watch this video to compare rider vs stand alone and choose the insurance plan with riders that suit your needs.

Stay tuned to know more as in out next episode, we will explain you about term insurance in detail.

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