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Kuwait today news about all expats in kuwait health insurance compulsory in kuwait 2021

Health insurance hospital by the end of next year 130 KD compulsory insurance per year

Dhaman hospitals under the Health Insurance Hospitals Company will be fully functional by the end of next year The new compulsory health insurance fee of 130 dinars will apply to all residents once these hospitals are operational local daily Al Qabas reported According to report the insurance fee will cover medical expenses, including but not limited to the costs of check-up x-rays laboratory tests outpatient clinics treatment operations hospitalization and other services at this hospital A separate consultation and file opening charge of two dinars will be collected for each visit it added

According to the report Dhaman will be the new health insurance destination for two million residents working in the private sector in addition to their family members while traditional health insurance will remain to cover health services fees for government sector workers and domestic workers

The compulsory health insurance fee for private sector residence and their family members will be 130 KD per year

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