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Are you an agent of SBI Life Insurance Company? Or, you have purchased a life insurance policy from SBI Life Insurance. Do you know whether SBI Life Insurance is a government company or private? Or are you in a state of confusion?

After watching this video you will get the answers to all your above questions. All the facts given in this video are based on the evidence of IRDA and other organizations.

About the Channel-
For agents of Life Insurance Corporation of India, our channel provides online training. LIC Agent, on this channel, can get the following types of information to improve their business. For example -Detailed information about all LIC policies on our channel has been given. This information also provides the youtube channel “Ritesh Lic Advisor” that how LIC’s offer letter is filled.

What kind of information is available on Ritesh Lic Advisor-
Our YouTube channel is always working to make the Life Insurance Corporation of India agents easier. Our YouTube channel “Ritesh Lic Advisor” provides the following information for a life insurance agent to do his work easily.

1. Information related to servicing of LIC’s old policy is available on our YouTube channel “Ritesh Lic Advisor”. For example- how to check the status of LIC policy, how can the LIC policy be revived, how can apply for the loan from LIC policy, etc?

2. Information about LIC’s Online Service- LIC provides online facility to its customers and agents. With the online services of LIC, an insured can avail of a variety of facilities related to his policy. To make LIC’s agent easier, LIC also provides online services to its agents. This channel provides complete information about LIC’s online customer portal and LIC’s agent portal and premium points for LIC agents.

3. Information about LIC’s Policy- For the Advisor of Life Insurance Corporation of India, complete information about LIC plans is available on our YouTube channel “Ritesh Lic Advisor”. Not only the information of policy but also important calculations like- policy maturity and how the death claim is calculated is also available on this channel.

4. Information about LIC’s Proposal Forms- When buying a new life insurance policy from Life Insurance Corporation of India, how to fill different Proposal forms, detailed information is available on our YouTube channel “Ritesh Lic Advisor”.

5. Presentation of life insurance policy- The presentation of a life insurance policy is an art. A life insurance agent makes a presentation of a life insurance policy to customers in as good a manner. Life insurance policy becomes more successful in selling. How to present a life insurance agent to a life insurance policy, this information is available on our YouTube channel “Ritesh Lic Advisor”.

6- Information About Need Creation- A life insurance agent can then make his life insurance business more successful. When he is aware of the economic needs of the people. When a life insurance agent is an expert in making his customers realize their future needs, then he can easily succeed. Our YouTube channel “Ritesh Lic Advisor” also provides this type of information.

7- Other Information available on “Ritesh Lic Advisor”- Objection Handling for Life Insurance, LIC Combination Planning, Motivation for LIC Agents, Some important calculations for LIC Agents, etc.

Disclaimer- This video has been created with the objective of enhancing the education of life insurance agents and insured. If on our channel “Ritesh Lic Advisor”, the data of premium or payment of any type of life insurance policy is displayed. So it is indicative and the purpose is only intended to understand the potential benefits of life insurance plans. The benefits are not guaranteed and the actual results may depend on the future performance of the insurer.
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in Javor of fair Use.

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