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Saazish in which Diwan (Amrish Puri), Dr. Kalidas (Kader Khan) and another secret person run a crime syndicate. They take insurance policies with fake identities and then fake their own deaths and claim insurance. Prem Krishan, a crime reporter, unearths this nefarious plan but is killed by Diwan. Prem Krishan’s step brother Kailash is implicated in Prem Krishan’s murder. Anand (Mithun Chakraborthy) is in search of his sister who married her lover without informing him, and has gone missing thereafter. When Anand finally finds her, she is in a mental asylum, her husband is reported dead and Anand’s friend Prakash (Raj Babbar) finds evidence which proves that Kailash (Raaj Kumar) is again responsible for her husband’s murder. As if his troubles are not enough, Kailash’s step sister and Anand’s girl friend (Dimple Kapadia) also has a low opinion of Kailash. Chased by cops and Anand, Kailash fakes his own death, but returns to town with a fake identity. After a series of badly scripted events, Kailash proves his innocence, Prakash turns out to be the secret third villain (who cheated Anand’s sister) and all the bad guys are caught by police. Poor Anand does not get to protect his sister from villains, but no problem, the police inspector Saxena saves her.

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