What Type Of Insurance Does A Rover and DogVacay Pet Sitter Need?

Pet Business Insurance is a hot topic these days. But is the insurance that comes with membership to these popular websites enough? What do they cover? What don’t they cover? What is the most important thing that members need to know about getting their own coverage?

We tackle the following questions:
2:00: Give me the 101 on Insurance.
2:45: What to look at on your policy
5:00: Deductibles & Policy prices
9:00: What is the best way to learn about the best policy for me?
15:00 Where you can get help and advice on your own policies
15:37: If I carry rover or dogvacay insurance, should I get my own insurance?
17:00 What pet sitters need to know about Workmans compensation on themselves.
20:50: When you 100% need your own liability policy
24:00 Request to Rover and Dogvacay from Bella and David.
*Rover has declined to be interviewed or join a pannel.

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David’s email: dpearsall@business-insurers.com
Bella’s email: bella@jumpconsulting.net

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