Amitabh Bachchan की सफलता का राज|amitabh bachchan biography in hindi|motivational video in hindi

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Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

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amitabh bachchan biography in hindi and amitabh bachchan life story in hindi I means amitabh bachchan success story in hindi or amitabh bachchan success story that kaise amitabh bachchan jaise bane

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HELLO friends,
I’m Sohal Kumar Soni,your host and dost,a motivational speaker,welcomes you all with all warmth on our friendy and trendy channel,
our channel only have a centered target,to improvise your happiness and increase it to a endless or infinite limits.Through our channel,we want to remove all the ups and downs,all the hopeless thoughts from your life,and make your life a Friend y & Trendy life with all sort of happiness which would be endless.
Our only moto is to make your life smooth as butter and sweet like cakes.This thought can be alive if we all follow this and to make this be followed our channel will help you and try to solve all your problems and hopelessness.
Its a saying,that after every 84 lakes birth,we gain a human birth.if we (our channel) gets your all support and love,its a promise;but promises are made to be broken; therefore,its not a promise but a commitment that our videos(i.e.motivational or inspirational) will be the path to make this one life a beautiful,lavishing and filled with endless happiness.
More about Sohal kumar soni

S.K SONI Empowered and inspired more than 5,00,000 individuals in his seminars.
Having 150 dedicated employees in his company that is- HELLO LIFE WITH SK. Motivational,inspiring,and entertaining conductivity delivery skills, with audiences employees & customers.
Achiever of MDRT,USA 5 times.
Achiever of COT 2 times.
Top 10 adviser of India in L.I.C.
C.D.A ( CHANNEL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE),in Reliance Insurance Company.
B.M.(BUSINESS MANAGER),in Airtel Postpaid.
A.S.M.(AREA SALES MANAGER),in Himratna Company.
S.K.Soni, is a motivational and inspirational speaker.He is one of the career strategist and entrepreneur.He has such good quality of empowerment and encouragement.He is passionate in his work. He has empowered and addressed through his meeting more than 5,00,000 individuals.God has gifted him with good skills of connectivity with audience and individual.He present his view and experiences in a friendly and positive environment with all such fun and entertainment with lots of laugh and learning.
After his academic knowledge,he started his career in sales in leading F.M.C.G. companies.His attractive experience and personality and the talent of connectivity,he leaded and achieve the post of-
C.D.A ( CHANNEL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE),in Reliance Insurance Company.
B.M.(BUSSINESS MANAGER),in Airtel Postpaid.
A.S.M.(AREA SALES MANAGER),in Himratna Company.
After all these struggling years of his life,he earned and experienced many valuable and dynamic experiences and knowledge of being one of the most motivational and entrepreneur.

“Our focus is to provide practical business skills that help individuals and groups achieve a higher level of accomplishment and to build these skill sets in a way that is entertaining and compelling. We know that people learn more — faster — when they are having fun!”

The principal goal of motivational programs and benefits is to motivate and retain individual employees in support of the fulfillment of the company’s strategic objectives while efficiently managing personnel expenses and ensuring their optimal distribution among individuals.

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