Final Police Report/FR (Hindi)

Usual final police report of untraced is issued by police when there is no arrest or recovery. Normally untraced report is issued after 90 days of F.I.R.

In case of union territory like Delhi where police commissionarate are in force as per law, in these places police has judicial powers to issue final police report after 90 days of F.I.R. Acceptance of final report by magistrate or court is not necessary.

Specimen of untraced report

F.I.R. No. ….. Dated….. U/s …. Lodged at police station ……. Is reported sent as untraced in the absence of any arrest or recovery in spite of investigation. The case would be reopened again if any fresh clue received.

Signed S.H.O / S.I.

This untraced report is enough for the insurance company to settle the claim. Normally, claims are not settled by the insurance company till final untraced report is received by them. Though in the insurance policy there is nothing to suggest that final report is necessary for settlement of a claim. It has only become customary to await final report.
But in other states final report duly singed is filed by police with the magistrate and admitted by court is necessary. It may take more then 6-9 months to issue such final report in other states. It contains full matter of F.I.R., section of I.P.C. Applied, steps taken by police for investigation, final conclusion by police. The same is forwarded by concerned police station to D.S.P. Office to the magistrate / court for acceptance of final report. The court can ask the complainant if he is satisfied about the outcome of police enquiry and then only orders closure of the case. The whole process can take substantial amount of time of even more than a year.

The court accepted final report u/s 173 of cr. P.c. Is required by insurance company for settlement of claim. An application, after paying required court fees, can be made to court for providing copy of final report.

Simply police attested final report is not acceptable to insurance companies, since police does not have judicial powers in other states to issue final report.

2.31. Challan / charge sheet by police

In cases where arrest has been made by police concerning the crime, local police submits charge sheet / challan u/s 173 of cr. P.c. Against the criminals in the court of law. In such cases final police report is not issued. The charge sheet / challan copy can be given to the insurance company for settlement of claim. Though court case can go on for years for insurance companies can settle the claim on the basis of charge sheet / challan without awaiting final verdict of court.

The charge sheet contains as follows:-

First column

Second column
Persons not sent for trial or proclaimed offender

Third column
Name and address of accused

(A) In custody, arrested to recover and can continue crime.
(B) On bail or recognised, not arrested, charges sheeted, trial accused.

Fourth column
Miscellaneous other facts of the case.

If the crime section invoked requires maximum possible punishment less than 3 years as per I.P.C. Invoked, then its non cognisable offence and it is cognisable offence if requires maximum punishment is more than 3 years. Charge sheet has to be filed within 60 days of arrest if maximum possible punishment is more than 7 years. Charge sheet has to be filed within 90 days of arrest if maximum possible punishment is more than 10 years.

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