Home Loan Process, Charges and Benefits in Hindi (2020 & Beyond)

In this video, we have discussed about Home loan kaise le, Home Loan Process, Home Loan Charges, Home Loan Benefits, Pradhan mantri home loan yojana, pradhan mantri awas yojana, pradhan mantri awas yojana 2020, Home loan processing fees and Home loan eligibility in hindi.

We have discussed about how to get home loan, things to know before applying home loan and important points to look before applying home loan subsidy.

We have also discussed about home loan process of login to disbursement of home loan, and home loan eligibility.

In this video, we have explained:
What is the process of home loan?
What documents are required for home loan?
How much processing charge and other charges are required for home loan in India?
What are the exact steps of the process of home loan?
How to apply for home loan?
How to know the processing charge and other charges for different banks and how negotiate it?
What documents are required for home loan for a self-employed professional and non-professional applicant?
What documents are required for home loan for a salaried applicant?
How banks do the due diligence before home loan approval?
What is credit appraisal?
How to calculate EMI of a home loan?
How to check your home loan eligibility?
What is the loan repayment process for an under construction property or ready to move property?
What is offer letter in home loan?
What are fixed and variable interest rates?
What is loan agreement?
What is the process for home loan for under construction property and ready to move property?

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