Insurance – Dimitri Livas – Fixing Broken Buildings #28

Broken Buildings Expert, Dimitri Livas explores why we need Insurance… well unfortunately, none of us can tell the future. You see, you never know when there’s gonna be a bump in the road that could impact your property, revenue and livelihood. This is one of the reasons we have insurance policies, so if and when something does go wrong, we can rest assured that we’ve covered all our bases. Some claims can be smaller in scale, an isolated incident affecting one property, but insurance can also cover those big-ticket disasters, fires, floods, earthquakes, events that are widespread and often devastating. How can we make sure we’re getting the cover that we need?

Bio: Construction Specialist, Dimitri Livas earned a Bachelor of Commerce as well as an Advanced Diploma in Construction Management. He has over 20 years of real world construction expertise, as the founder and CEO of Savil Group which he established in 1998 and has grown to become a successful commercial construction company, building multi-million dollar projects for some of Australia’s biggest brands. ​With Dimitri at the Helm, Savil and the team now focus their extensive expertise and experience on Fixing Broken Buildings and Creating Healthy Buildings.

Specialties: Fixing Broken Buildings, Creating Healthy Buildings, Entrepreneurship, Commercial Construction, Speaker.

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