MediShares(MDS)- Review & Price Prediction – Health Insurance Marketplace on Blockchain-[Hindi/Urdu]

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Medishares MDS is the self appointed first mutual aid marketplace on blockchain in the whole world. What does this mean, though? Mutual aid contracts are a type of insurance. So, basically, Medishares will use the blockchain to create a marketplace for this type of business.

( MediShares (MDS)
₹6.02 INR (4.74%) )

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The Medishares platform is a decentralized platform which uses the Ethereum blockchain and ERC20 tokens to operate. It is also open sourced, so anybody can see and help in its code. All the transactions made on the Medishares platform are made via smart contracts.

• Anyone can join a mutual aid scheme through sending variable amount of MDS to a smart contract.
• Anyone can become a mutual aid insurer based on the smart contract templates provided by MediShares, and can profit from it.

This company was created by Eric Yu, a full stack developer and founder of He has plenty of experience in this field. Other important personnel of the company are Sherry Gao, business director; Ge Long, insurance actuarial specialist and Grace Guo, a doctor. InfoCorps, Fenbushi Capital, Delphy and Genaro Network are some of the partners of the company.

It looks like Medishares has the potential to be an interesting marketplace and, because of this, it might be a good idea to give it a deeper look and pay attention if you are already interested in this company’s services.

In any case, the choice is completely yours. Medishares is a very interesting company, but only you can say if it will be the right choice for you.


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