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Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Learn all about Life insurance and term insurance or term plan to save yourself from the 5 life insurance policy mistakes. Also let’s learn how to buy the best term insurance plan online.
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Time Stamps:
0:22 – Life Insurance as Investment?
0:36 – 5 Mistakes while buying insurance
1:25 – Mistake #1 – I don’t need an Insurance
3:01 – Mistake #2 – Insurance is a good Investment
5:07 – Mistake #3 – Insurance Cover
6:29 – Mistake #4 – Cheapest is the Best
8:27 – Mistake #5 – Buying without comparison
10:49 – What are Critical Riders?
About the Video:
Many of us fail to understand the difference among these few terms; life insurance, term insurance, health insurance, death benefit, endowment policy, term life insurance, term plan, etc.; and therefore, tend to make these top 5 insurance mistakes while buying them. We also tend to not understand the optimum coverage and fall prey to over coverage or under coverage. However, it is not rocket science. All we need is a few tips and tricks and some expert knowledge about how to buy life insurance explained in hindi, how to buy best term insurance explained in hindi and some life and term insurance truth bombs to figure out what is the best for us.
Asset Yogi brings to you a special video that dedicated to make you understand all of the terms and aspects of buying insurance and warn you about the top 5 insurance mistakes that almost all of us commit. Let’s discuss!
In this video, we have explained;
1. What is life insurance and insurance policy?
2. What is term insurance?
3. What is health insurance?
4. How to buy Jeevan Beema?
5. What is death benefit and what is endowment plan?
6. Life insurance vs term insurance, which is better?
7. How to buy cheap insurance?
8. Is insurance an investment?
9. Where to invest? Insurance or real estate or stock market or mutual funds?
10. What are annual returns of insurance?
11. How to pay home loan with insurance?
12. What is under coverage and over coverage?
13. What is optimum insurance?
14. What is the best term insurance 2020?
15. How to buy best term insurance 2020?
16. How to buy life insurance online?
17. How to buy term insurance online?
18. How to buy insurance on Policy Bazaar?
19. What are top 5 insurance mistakes?
20. What is term insurance truth?
21. What is Claim Settlement Ratio?
22. What is Claim rejection Ratio?
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