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Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Cyber Security Important Points are very crucial for everyone. October is celebrated as a cybersecurity month. In recent years, 4 billion passwords were hacked. Due to increasing no of threats and severity of threats, It is imperative to safeguard the online accounts.

It is observed that most of the people keep very simple passwords for their online accounts. The most common ones are password or date of birth or date of a marriage anniversary. By targeting such accounts, it is very easy to breach the security and access the online accounts.

Recently SEBI issued a cybersecurity framework for KYC Registration Agencies to safeguard and secure the data of the Demat and trading account holders. Now you must be wondering how can i enhance the cybersecurity of my accounts. I am sharing some of the critical steps
1. Change the password of your online accounts every 2 months.
2. You should keep a different password for different accounts.
3. Do not open attachments or suspicious links from unknown sources
4. You should transact only on https websites with a secure padlock in the address bar
5. Take the password checkup on https://ift.tt/1RuMP3W
6. Complete your security checkup at https://ift.tt/2ztesaA

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