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Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Do you really need life insurance? How do you choose a life insurance, a life insurance company, and coverage? I talked about Life Insurance 101 last week so make sure you check that out as well!

Dealing with personal finances, especially since it’s not taught in school can be quite hard and confusing. I hope this video and this channel will help you out in the challenges we are facing right now with personal finance, entrepreneurship and adulting in general.

►Outline :
0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Start of Video
0:28 – Outline
1:20 – Choosing an Insurance Company
2:19 – Choosing a Financial Advisor
5:09 – What to do BEFORE the meeting
8:06 – What to do DURING the meeting
10:17 – What to do AFTER the meeting
13:03 – Final thoughts
13:31 – Outro

► 2019 Annual Report of Life Insurance Companies ► ► https://ift.tt/3kcLT9n
►LIFE INSURANCE 101► https://youtu.be/kWBS4WKa7yA
►Top 10 companies: https://ift.tt/2XHACT2

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This video and description contains affiliate links where I may or may not receive a commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos such as this. I am not a financial advisor. Always do your due diligence.

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