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शार्ट मोटिवेशनल स्टोरी इन हिंदी | Hindi Motivational Story Take Charge of your Life and Stop Blaming | Zig Ziglar Story in Hindi | Motivational Story in Hindi narrated by Simerjeet Singh | Stop Complaining | मोटिवेशनल स्टोरी इन हिंदी फॉर स्टूडेंट्स

Hindi motivational speaker Simerjeet Singh narrates a profound story of a whining dog in this inspirational video. Talking about people who continue to bear with problems without taking any actions to resolve them, Simerjeet Singh invites us to rethink our ideas about suffering in life. Do we suffer because others are to blame for our suffering, or do we suffer because we fail to acknowledge our part in the suffering?
Are you the one who blames the knife for being too sharp and not take accountability for being careless?
Are you the one who blames a difficult childhood and claims entitlement because of that?
Are you someone who can see litter on the floor but doesn’t care because it’s not your house?

This inspirational video will force you to relook at the problems in your life and accept them for what they are – unattended situations.
The inspiring story narrated by Simerjeet Singh urges us to be mindful of all the things in life that we tend to complain about – Simerjeet Singh urges us to ask the question – is there a learning in this problem? If you answer yes, your problem shifts and becomes a stepping stone. If you answer no, you are yet to take responsibility for your problems.

Which one are you? And what can you do to break this vicious circle? What can you do to take charge of your life?
Watch the video to know more.

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Simerjeet Singh, International Motivational Speaker narrates a story of Zig Zigler, an American author who was based in the United States.

The story revolves around a dog who is enduring pain due to a nail on the plank over which he is laying. Simerjeet personifies the repercussions of the pain of dog.

Simerjeet ponders why beings have learned to play the victim? Why do people complain all the time?
He focuses on the solution-oriented mindset rather than blaming and complaining about others and waste time.

Simerjeet insists people to take charge of their own life leading to a positive change through this Inspirational short story!

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