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This video is all about finding the best auto insurance companies. This is our update video where we discuss our top picks for the best car insurance. We have published dozens of reviews and articles about auto insurance, how to reduce your premiums, tips and tricks, and much more.

Amica Auto Insurance Review:

Amica Auto Insurance Review

We chose Amica Mutual as our overall best auto insurance company because they are really good in almost every category.

State Farm Auto Insurance Review:

State Farm Auto Insurance Review

We chose State Farm as our top pick for the best car insurance company for consumer satisfaction because people just seem to love State Farm. They get consistently high scores with regard to claims satisfaction and customer service. They also perform well elsewhere, but they truly excel in making their insurance customers happy.

The Hartford Auto Insurance Review:

The Hartford Auto Insurance Review

The Hartford is our top pick for AARP members since they tend to offer really great options if you’re an AARP member. They also have solid customer service and tend to be a great insurer for older, more established drivers.

Progressive Car Insurance Review:

Progressive Car Insurance Review

Progressive is the auto insurance company known for offering discounts. They have a ton of ways that you can save on your auto insurance. For instance, you get a discount for getting an online quote. They also offer virtually every discount you can imagine.

Geico Car Insurance Review:

Geico Car Insurance Review

Geico is the most affordable auto insurance company, particularly for the tech-savvy consumer. It offers a mostly digital experience and therefore tends to offer really great insurance rates.

USAA Auto Insurance Review:

USAA Auto Insurance Review

For members of the military, veterans, and their family members, USAA is the best car insurance group. They offer all sorts of perks, including affordable rates, favorable renewal options, and much more.

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0:40 – How We Review
1:49 – Best For: Consumer Satisfaction
3:22 – Best For: Discounts
5:06 – Best For: Coverage Options
6:00 – Best For: Tech-Savvy Consumers
7:44 – Best For: Military Members
8:28 – Best Overall
8:58 – Final Advice

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