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How Life Insurance Works in Canada | Insurance 101

Let’s Face It!
Life Insurance is not something that you wake up in the morning and say ”Oh Yeah, i need to get a Life Insurance!”

but the fact is, we all eventually need life insurance to protect the people you loved and yourself included

There are so many types of life insurance policies in Canada,
There are Term, Permanent, Whole Life, Universal Life, T -100, Participating Life Insurance, Non-par life Insurance, and many more

I will be going over the basic terminology in life insurance, the different types of life insurance you can get in Canada
how they REALLY work,
and how much life insurance coverage should you need
so that you can get the most appropriate one for your needs.


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“How Term Insurance Works In Canada? | Insurance 101”


Thomas is a 10-year veteran advisor in the insurance and investment industry.
He understands the life stages and challenges that people are going through.
Therefore, the purpose of this channel is to bring awareness to the importance of financial education.
No matter what age group you are in,
knowledge has the potential to unlock wealth.

Better Mindset | Better Life!

Website | www.thomascchan.com

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