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It is a wave of pulse on the arterial vessels wall generated as a result of expansion and elongation of the wall during ventricular
systole and diastole.
The pulse is a wave of distension and elongation felt in an artery wall due to the contraction of the left ventricle forcing about 60 to 80 millilitres of blood through the already full aorta and into the arterial system.
When the aorta is distended, a wave passes along the walls of the arteries and can be felt at any point where a superficial artery can be pressed gently against a bone.
The number of pulse beats per minute normally represents the heart rate and varies considerably in different people and in the same person at different times.
An average of 60 to 80 is common at rest.
Information that may be obtained from the pulse includes:
The rate at which the heart is beating.
The regularity with which the heart beats occur, i.e. the length of time between beats should be the same.
The volume or strength of the beat —it should be possible to compress the artery with moderate pressure, stopping the flow of blood; the compressibility of the blood vessel gives some indication of the blood pressure and the state of the blood vessel wall.
The tension — the artery wall should feel soft and pliant under the fingers.

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