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This video explains how to switch car insurance companies. We go over the five steps in order to switch from one auto insurance carrier to another. Firstly, we explain that switching auto insurance is something that you don’t want to do on a whim. You have to be absolutely certain that you want to switch. If you indeed want to go elsewhere you need to start shopping at least a one month in advance. Next, you need to schedule your insurance to cancel on the day that it’s supposed to expire. You also want your new insurance to start on that exact same day. You don’t want too much of an overlap because you’re wasting money, but you certainly do not want a lapse between insurance plans. After that is all scheduled, the next step in switching car insurance is to call to confirm everything the day of.

Steps to Switch Car Insurance Companies:

How to Switch Car Insurance Companies

What Is My State’s Minimum Coverage For Car Insurance?

What Is My State’s Minimum Coverage For Car Insurance?

How Much Car Insurance Do You Need?

How Much Car Insurance Do You Need?

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The Coolest Car Insurance Mobile Apps of 2021

Geico Car Insurance Review:

Geico Car Insurance Review

Progressive Car Insurance Review:

Progressive Car Insurance Review

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