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Root Insurance differentiates itself from other insurance providers in several ways. In calculating premiums, it weighs your driving behavior first, not record. Root also doesn’t ensure bad drivers, so it pays out less often. However, that means it can deny coverage if you aren’t the best driver. It does still look at your driving record and that can also influence your premium. To get a score, you first have to take a test drive with the Root mobile app, which can take a couple of weeks.

Who is Root Insurance for?
Root isn’t for everyone. That said, here are a few groups that should love the company:

People who have good driving routines as well as an excellent driving record

If you have a great driving history and you maintain solid driving habits (i.e., you don’t speed, brake too hard, or take turns like a crazy person), you’ll most likely get a quote and find that it’s affordable.

People searching for cheap car insurance

If you’re okay with more basic insurance coverage and you qualify for a quote from Root, odds are you’ll end up saving a pretty good chunk of change.

People interested in customized car insurance quotes

If you want to have a quote tailored specifically to YOU and how you drive, you’re going to like Root. They don’t see you like a list of demographics and other data; they actually quote you on how you drive, which makes it far more personalized.

Students looking for an inexpensive car insurance plan

If you’re currently a student and you want to save money (especially if you drive well and don’t drive often), you’ll probably LOVE Root.

Technology-wise customers who don’t mind a mobile experience

If you’re used to using for phone for pretty much everything and don’t mind managing your car insurance through an app, then Root will speak to you. It definitely caters to those mobile crowd.

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