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Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Looking for how car insurance works, or how quotes are calculated? What factors actually affect insurance prices? How to get cheaper car insurance in the end? This video will have a look at all of these parts of the car insurance sector in the UK, and try to give a succinct, but adequately detailed explanation.

I hope you enjoy/hope it helps!

Link to insurance vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph7eyV-1RIk

Bruddas (Patrons):
– Will D.
– Davidos
– Will A.
– Ethan W.
– TheGeordieTiger
– Callum W.
– Gabriele S.
– Johannes I.
– Jag H.
– Dhruv A.

Introduction: 00:00
The basic insurance price formula: 00:54
How insurers calculate risk: 01:33
How insurers respond to risk calculations: 03:32
TLDR: 04:48
3 variables that have a big impact on insurance prices: 04:56
Key ways to get cheaper insurance: 06:32
Close: 07:34

Instagram – https://ift.tt/2IXrNAK
Patreon – https://ift.tt/2Tw4x0O
Twitter – https://twitter.com/carswithjb
Discord – https://ift.tt/3oSYzV4

Background: My (musically gifted) sister
Outro: Ship Wrek & Zookeepers – Ark [NCS Release]

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