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Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

If you have a CNC machine, this video can help you decide when to get insurance. Today, our agent, Mike Fulmer, will discuss insurance endorsements that protect your home, CNC machines, employees, dies, molds, loss of business income coverage, and general cost ranges. We’ll talk about why it’s important to carry insurance whether you’re working from your home or if you’re moving into a building for manufacturing how insurance can make growing your business easier, give you peace of mind, and the importance of finding an agent that understands your business. Finally, Mike will share some general cost information as well.

00:00 Intro Mike Fulmer
01:27 Types of coverage for a machine shop
02:23 Equipment Break Down Endorsement
03:58 When to File a Claim
05:27 Insurance for Product Design & Prototyping
06:16 I have a small business I run from home. Do I need Insurance?
08:34 How insurance makes buying machines and growing a business easier
09:39 Insurance Tips: Die & Mold Insurance, Shipping & Delivery, & Business Income Coverage
11:23 The Importance of Finding an Agent That Understands Your Business
12:03 General Cost of Insurance
13:41 Outro
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