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Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

This is how you’re driving up insurance prices.

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We’ve all heard the age old tales of WHAT can possibly drive up your insurance. From the color of your car to the age of the vehicle, there are TONS of different myths out there, and some really odd facts as well. So which ones are true and which ones are just a falsified rumor? Well have a seat, because this ones about to blow your mind and put some myths to rest!

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Myth Or Fact is a video series where we debunk commonly misunderstood theories in the automotive scene, and break down the history and the reasoning behind these myths.

0:00 Hype Intro
1:02 The Plug
1:23 Insurance Myths
1:58 Newer = More Expensive
3:06 Mods = More Expensive
4:07 Red Car = More Expensive
4:40 Full Coverage = Unlimited Coverage
6:30 Outro

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