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Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Developing an Insurance Quote App Using Liferay Data Engine and Your Favorite UI Toolkit | Jeyvison Nascimento and Marcela Cunha, both Software Engineers at Liferay

“With Liferay Data Engine, developers can use a RESTful API to quickly assemble scalable, flexible business applications. Without writing persistence code or complex custom business logic, you can call the Data Engine API to create an entire application. REST services for four model entities make this possible: Data Definitions, Data Record Collections, Data Layouts and Data Records. Customized digital solutions don’t build themselves, but the Data Engine’s APIs make it easy to rapidly create new applications. Let’s explore how easy app development can be with Liferay Data Engine and API during this session.”

Featuring over 40 in-depth sessions and technical workshops, the annual Liferay Developer Conference is a great opportunity to build your Liferay expertise and apply newfound knowledge to your current and future projects.

See full recap page of DEVCON 2019 including all presentation slides here: https://ift.tt/35TES4Q

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