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As a sports and recreational organization, you have more exposure to liability than standard businesses do. Regular insurance agents don’t make all the connections that keep you safe.

Get instant online Accident and General Liability insurance quotes and savings up to 38% on billiards team insurance.

It is happening everywhere. You need specific coverage. It takes a special scrutiny the general insurance provider can’t deliver. Over 90% of the sports and recreation programs that we reviewed have fatal coverage flaws.

Too many organizations like yours put their faith in insurance coverage that is not there. Most find out about their gaps when it’s too late. We make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

It’s not just about fixing your coverage. We understand your operational needs and keep your organization moving with:

* 24/7 instant online quotes
* Ability to pay by check or credit card
* Real-time printing of your proof of coverage documents and certificates for facility owners.

Sadler serves over 30 national and 9500 local sports and recreational organizations. Our clients confirm their satisfaction with a 98% “awesome rating” for our team.

Our volume of insurance and deep industry relationships give you a single-source for the lowest prices and broadest coverage. You receive the best risk management tools to train your staff and to document your critical procedures.

Let us give you the best. The best pricing, coverage, and service you can find. All focused on your special needs as a T-ball organization. Visit our website at sadlersports.com or call us at 800-622-7370 to get more for your time and money.


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